1. Growing Community

Supreme Destiny community is growing daily since new gamers are joining it from all over the world to enjoy the best developed version of the game.

2. New Languages:

The new server will have multi language availability including Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

3. New Skills

The new version will include 9th and 10th skill availability.

4. Class Balancing

All classes were balanced in order to provide more enjoyment to the users.

5. New Quests and features

New features is available such as fame grade, kingdom war, Kephra Raid and Anubis Raid along with an auction house

6. War System

Daily Channel Wars for gaining fame and taxes, Weekly Guild Wars for conquering town and gaining taxes, Siege Wars for dominating the channel and Kingdom Wars for praising the Kingdom you follow and kill the enemy king.

7. Monthly Updates

Supreme Destiny development team will be working on updating the game continuously, adding features, quests, system modifications, as well as changing drops and rates in order to provide dynamic changing environment for our gamers, with Aden Launch new skills has been added as well as modification of the current skills.

8. 24/7 GM Activity

As usual Supreme Destiny GM Team is well known for its activity and the continual presence inside the game, also our team will be always there on Skype for instant support.

9. 24/7 New in game Premium Shop

A new upgraded premium shop version to make all purchases smooth and simple.

12. Give Away, New Comers, & Refer a friend Events as well as Daily Events, Monthly Events, & Special Events,...etc

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